Journey to Purpose ebook

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Nathan J. Shaw, Jr. is the president of NJS Collective, The Founder of Youth Empowerment Project, Inc. and the owner of LifePrint Media Co. He shares the powerful principles used to inspire people of all ages in finding purpose and fulfilling destiny. Journey to Purpose is a book created for the development and advancement of our youth, teens and young adults and ! It is enriched with special tools and strategies to help our youth propel in their God-given gifts, not just spiritually, BUT ON PURPOSE!! In this raw and candid book, Shaw provides wisdom and a practical roadmap for achieving purpose from a real world perspective.

A mentor and consultant to many, in this book Shaw walks alongside you as a big brother -- challenging you to look inside yourself for habits which may be holding you back.

If you know you were made to do something great in life and want a proven roadmap yo get you there, or if you work with teens and want to know what it takes to equip our youth with the skills necessary to be PURPOSE-DRIVEN, LEADERS, and SUCCESSFUL; What it means for them to walk in AUTHORITY, and in their DESTINY; What it means for them to maximize their potential, then this is the book for you.


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