Nathan J. Shaw Jr.


The Founder and Executive Director of Youth Empowerment Project, Inc. (YEP) Nathan J. Shaw, Jr is a man on a mission to help youth and young adults break the cycle of poverty by helping them “identify, activate and walk in their purpose.”Youth Empowerment Project a national organization created to expose, equip and empower students to succeed through career exploration, professional development, and paid internships. YEP exists in 3 pillars: an after-school program that operates Monday – Friday, an in-school program working with several schools, and a vacation-based summer camp that teaches youth about careers, life skills, and entrepreneurship.
Nathan began working with young people when he was just 17 years old while serving in his Church’s youth ministry in Orlando, FL. Over the past 17 years, he has helped to develop several programs, activities, and events through his organization. These include parent-teen workshops, teen summits, and a youth radio show. It also includes career exploration events that expose students to unique professions and life skills in a fun and creative way. He has given youth and young adults entrepreneurial knowledge by providing paid student internships to work on various projects and their own youth-run clothing line and digital magazine, empowering them toward success.
Nathan is a certified teacher for the Nehemiah Project, an International organization created to teach entrepreneurship worldwide through its curriculum, Biblical Entrepreneurship (BE). Nathan is a graduate of BE I, BE II, and BE III. He is extremely proud to be a leader in the Young Biblical Entrepreneurs; a curriculum developed to teach youth and young adults how to do business God’s way and be an entrepreneur.
Shaw is the CEO of Lifeprint Media Co., a for-profit multimedia company specializing in video production, graphic design, digital media, and an array of other services. This company aids in providing training and internships to youth every summer. He is also the owner and founder of the NJS Collective, LLC, a business consultation business that aids individuals, companies, churches, and organizations to reach their fullest potential from start-ups, mid-level businesses, and well-established businesses. All of Nathan’s for-profit businesses donate a portion of their proceeds to help youth all around the nation.
In every fragment of his life, Nathan’s goal is to challenge people of all ages to find ways to empower their minds daily. One of Nathan’s mottos is, “If you don’t put a limit on your mind, you won’t have a limit on your future.” He uses unique methods, strategies, and tools to encourage and push everyone around him to “Pursue, Purpose, Passionately, Period.”